There are three ways to know you are officially a “dad”.

One, you find yourself wearing cargo shorts because the pockets are the perfect place to stash a pacifier.

Two, you find yourself humming the theme song to your child’s favorite show when they are not around.

And three, you laugh at jokes like, “Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper? Never mind… it’s tearable.”

But whether you are a biological father or a bonus dad, you know that you cannot possibly run beside a two-wheeler, teach your preteen how to change a tire or go camping with your family if you are in pain. That is why super dads do these super things.

1. Super Dads Make Their Health a Priority

Sure, you lived on cheeseburgers, beer, and little sleep during your college days, but if you are going to have a shot at keeping up with your kids, now is the time to turn over a new healthy leaf. Minding your nutrition, managing stress and getting adequate sleep can boost your energy levels and help you keep your “dad bod” in check. These habits can also help you stay productive at work and happy at home.

2. Super Dads Are Active Dads!

As a part of making health a priority, super dads are active with their families. Even if you were not an athlete in your younger years, you can reap the benefits of an active and fit lifestyle by engaging your family in fun activities. Go for a hike, ride bikes, take up kayaking, or go swim at the local pool. Teach your kids how to golf, how to jump rope, how to fish, or how to do a proper push-up. Physical fitness that involves the whole family not only helps everyone feel better, it helps you create lasting memories.

3. Super Dads Don’t “Ignore It.”

Whether you were injured in your “playing days” or have been nursing a sore knee or a bad back, it is tempting to ignore old sports or work injuries and hope they will go away. Fortunately, super dads like you don’t do that. You know that pain is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Rather than popping a few pills and carrying on, super dads visit qualified medical professionals who can tell them why they are having a hard time picking up heavy objects (like a three-year-old) or mowing the lawn.

4. Super Dads Know They Don’t Have to be Perfect, They Just Have to Try

Let’s face it. Parenthood is hard. And scary. Most of us are surviving day to day, figuring it out as we go. But the most super of super dads understands that perfection is never the goal when it comes to their kids. Super dads understand that showing up, day in and day out, with a loving ear, willing to do the work of raising tiny people into productive adults is enough.

If you need a little help becoming the super dad you want to be, contact us for a consultation. And from all of us at Pure Wellness, Happy Father’s Day!