If you have a body and you go to the beach, you have a beach body. While companies around the world are making billions of dollars marketing quick fixes for the perfectly ripped summer beach body, these tips will help you achieve better health this summer and beyond.

1. Drink water.

Experts believe in the 8×8 rule which is easy to remember. That means you need eight, eight-ounce glasses of water, every day for optimal health. You may find you need more during the warm summer months. If you replaced all of your liquid calories with water, you will notice a significant increase in your energy (and a possible decrease in your waistline).

2. Eat with the season.

Summer brings beautiful, fresh, deliciously ripe produce. If you feast on the things that are in season, you will be less likely to indulge in the not-so-healthy treats afterward.

3. See the sun.

Those of us who work in an office, shun the sun, avoid milk products, or adhere to a strict vegan diet may not be getting enough Vitamin D. After a long winter inside, spending 10 minutes outdoors every day (without sunblock) may be the key to boosting your mood and protecting your bones.

4. Take your workout outdoors.

Exercising outdoors has a proven impact on mental health. Not only are you more likely to walk or run further when you’re outside, but you are also more likely to stick to your exercise plan.

5. Don’t skip weight workouts.

We promise, after this, we’re done with exercise-related tips. But the benefits of weight training go far beyond rock solid abs and bulging biceps. Resistance training has been proven to develop then preserve bone density, improve range of motion and flexibility, boost your metabolism, and manage chronic pain. If you don’t know where to start, Pure Wellness can help.

6. Relearn how to swim.

There is a good chance you haven’t taken swim lessons since you were a kid. And if you’re like most adults, your swimming skills could use a little refresher. Most public pools offer swim lessons for adults where you can perfect your stroke and feel more confident in the water.

7. Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock.

Aside from your daily dose of vitamin D, don’t forget to apply sunblock to any exposed skin on a regular basis. For every 30 minutes of sun exposure, you will need to reapply. While spray sunscreens are a convenient way to reapply, you are likely not using enough to get full coverage. Alternating a cream sunblock with a spray will keep you (and your family) safe. Just be sure to apply liberally and rub in thoroughly.

8. Recommit to your health.

Summer is the perfect time to recommit to your health. Whether you are tired of waking up in pain, tired of losing the same 10 pounds or just plain tired, Pure Wellness has a solution. In addition to offering chiropractic caremassage, and acupuncture, Pure Wellness creates customized weight loss plans and offers treatment for fatigue.

Call today or request an appointment online to take the first step to achieve your ultimate summer beach body.