Dr. Vivian Giannakakis, D.C.

As a chiropractic patient myself, I’ve appreciated the continued benefits of the chiropractic
adjustment and the journey it has taken me through. After experiencing frustrating care from
various doctors, following an intense car accident, I finally reached my first chiropractor Dr.
Steve. He took the time to really listen and explain everything, in terms I could understand. After
receiving physical relief from my adjustments, I was hooked. With every adjustment I received, I
began to feel more of my body and became more aware of my physical, mental, and emotional
state. To me, chiropractic saved my life, because for the first time it felt like I was truly living it.
I fell in love with chiropractic so much, that I knew I wanted to become one. I am a believer in
“walking my talk,” and strive daily to keep myself physically fit, mentally clear, and emotionally

Originally born and raised in Queens NY, I had my own private practice in the NYC area, the past
10 years. I was honored to take care of all walks of life from infants, children, athletes, pregnant
mothers, adults, and the elderly. With the most recent changes in the world, I started wanting a
different life and change in practice. After meeting Dr. Marks and the Pure Wellness team, I
knew I found the perfect place. Although it was sad to say goodbye to Queens, especially having
to give up my Polish hen (Ms. Sofia), I look forward to exploring the surrounding areas. I am
excited and looking forward most to serving you and the community, in the Delaware area, at
Pure Wellness.

School: Life University, Marietta, GA
Doctor of Chiropractic

Thompson Drop
Instrumental Tools (Activator)
Webster Technique