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DNA- Based Health Management

At Pure Wellness, we use innovative genetic testing for customized wellness and personalized nutrition. There is no one-sized-fits-all approach to total health, but there is only one YOU! Let go of the confusing gimmicks and weight loss trends. You cannot work against your DNA, but you can work WITH your body and what it is designed to do! Let us help you uncover your true self! 

What is Genetic Testing for Wellness? 

Genetic Testing has moved into the mainstream and is the future of preventive health. In addition to the thousands of tests being offered for medical conditions and diseases, the science and research behind genetic testing related to lifestyle and wellness markers has progressed to the point of understanding the specific genes dictating how the human body processes carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, etc., and how specific genes determine the effectiveness of certain fitness activities.

With the genetic testing technology and scientific understanding of the human genome available today, it is now possible to develop individually tailored nutrition and exercise programs that are based on and tailored to your unique DNA. Only now has the cost of genetic testing come down to the point where it is feasible to use this technology for health management programs offered to the general public.

Programs tailored to an individual’s DNA have proven to be much more effective than generic programs. A recent study published by the European Society of Human Genetics found that dieters employing weight management programs tailored to the individual’s genome lost up to 33% more weight than those following standard, “one size fits all” weight loss programs. With the latest genomic technology, any health management program that does not take an individual’s genetic profile into account is simply guesswork.

The Process:

While the science behind our products is very complex, the process you will follow to obtain your genetics-based recommendations is quite simple. After scheduling an appointment with one of our health & nutrition professionals, we will guide you through a health assessment and DNA collection. You will simply rub the sterile cotton swab in the kit along your gums for one minute, we will pack up the sample and send it to the lab for analysis. Our federally certified lab will analyze your sample and within 3-4 weeks, we will send your Health Coach a notification that your GxSlim and/or GxRenew Report is ready. 

Once your report is ready, you have secure, unlimited access to all resources within our patient portal. When you login to our secure web portal, you will be able to view your complete diet and lifestyle recommendations and you’ll be able to access our genotype-specific health content library. This comprehensive resource library contains hundreds of articles, videos and recipes that are curated and directed to you based on your unique genetic profile. Your report and health content are available at any time and accessible from any connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

After completion notification, we will schedule a Report of Findings for review. This appointment gives us time to help you understand YOU and to answer any questions you may have about your GX Slim and/or GX Renew Report. Creating a plan to help you integrate the recommendations into your current lifestyle is just one of the long-term benefits of the personalized wellness Health Coaching sessions. 

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