Pure Wellness Auto and Work Injury Rehabilitation

An injury of any type whether an auto or work injury can cause a great deal of responses in the body, including inflammation, muscle spasms, ligament tension, laxity and exhaustion, as well as other symptoms. At Pure Wellness, we rehabilitate your injuries using the latest and most effective techniques and equipment in a two-phase program.

Therapeutic stretches and exercises are an important part of many treatment plans, as they enable the healing process through increasing your muscle strength and coordination, and enhancing your flexibility and mobility.

When participating in our rehabilitation program, we assist you in returning to your pre-work or pre-auto accident injury status.  Many of the stretches and exercises can be continued even once active care is finished. This reduces the likelihood of sustaining new injuries and minimizes the recurrence of previous injuries.

Steps to Faster Recovery

Each phase begins with a 5-minute bike warm up to increase blood flow and stimulate both sides of the body.

Phase I: Re-educate the Joints
Accomplished through basic stretches to increase range of motion (ROM). Followed by ice to reduce swelling and spasms.

Phase II: Re-train Muscles and Ligaments
Continue basic stretches with low resistive exercises to further increase ROM and also increase strength, endurance, and tone. Followed by ice to decrease any persistent swelling and spasms.

After completion of Phase II, the patient is typically given an individualized home-stretching program to maintain flexibility and strength at home.